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International Safety Guide for Inland Navigation Tank-barges and Terminals (ISGINTT)

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International Safety Guide for Inland Navigation Tank-barges and Terminals (ISGINTT) 04.03.2023 11:22

The Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) and the Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine (CCNR) have worked, together with other European organisations, to produce this latest revision of the International Safety Guide for Inland Navigation Tank-barges and Terminals (ISGINTT).

Safety is critical to the tank barging industry. The authors of the International Safety Guide for Inland Tank-barges and Terminals (ISGINTT) hope that this revised guide will become the standard reference work on the safe operation of inland tank-barges and the terminals they serve. To do so, the guide must keep abreast of changes in tanker design and operating practice and reflect the latest technology and legislation. This has been the purpose for developing and introducing the revision to the industry.The safety check-lists contained in the guide cover ship/shore as well ship/barge (and vice versa) transhipment of cargo and slops. The authors hope that these check-lists comprehensively reflect the individual and joint responsibilities of the tank-barge and the terminal and that the check-lists will be adopted universally by ports and terminals.


The guide has been kept to the original structure for ease of use. It is divided into five sections: “General Information”
“Tanker Information”
“Terminal Information”
“Management of the Tanker and Terminal Interface”
“Additional Information for the Handling of Liquefied Gases”.

You can download this guide...

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