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EU MRV Monitoring Plan

Our company IBICON provides you with information on EU requirements for CO2 emissions.

The monitoring plan is subject to verification by an independent verifier and should therefore be submitted by 31 August 2017 at the latest.

The EU MRV regulation 2015/757 applies to merchant ships larger than 5,000 GT. From 1 January 2018 on, ship owners and operators (defined as “companies”) shall monitor the CO2 emissions of their vessels per voyage conducted into, between and out of EU (and EFTA) ports. 


As part of the monitoring plan, companies will be able to choose one or more of the following four methods for monitoring fuel consumption in each monitored combustion source:



  • Method A – use of bunker delivery notes (BDNs) and periodic stock takes of fuel tanks (except for those vessels where cargo is used as fuel)
  • Method B – bunker fuel-tank monitoring,
  • Method C – flow meters (including a gas meter for LNG carriers) for applicable combustion processes
  • Method D – direct emission measurements 

At 01.03.2018, more than 10 MRV Monitoring Plans developed by IBICON have been successfully reviewed and approved by independent verifiers (VERIFAVIA, RINA).


Download Monitoring Plan (EU MRV)...



Paris MoU pilot on PSC on Fishing Vessels requires all addressed parties to ensure that fishing vessels are always maintained and within standards.

International Association of Classification Societies’ (IACS) unified requirements (URs) E26 and E27 aim to minimise the frequency and impact of cyber incidents at sea.

The IMO has released Circular BWM.2/Circ.80 – Guidance on ballast water record-keeping and reporting. The circular aims to bring clarity to the record-keeping and reporting process under the BWM Convention, including guidance on completing the Ballast Water Record Book.

Shipping Industry associations publish security guidelines for Southern Red Sea and Gulf of Aden
Revised PSC procedures effective from January 2024
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